In a few words, Razvan Albu is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Bucharest, Romania.

But the real story begins during a 6-year stay in the U.S. and Canada, when Razvan discovered his innate talent to write, arrange and perform music. He first recorded on a 4-track - loose, relaxed arrangements built around drums, bass, electric guitar and vocals. As time went on Razvan's music evolved, and by 2001 so many recordings had been made that a first album, Dreams, was put out to critical acclaim. Only a few copies were issued independently, which makes the record a rare treat today.

Starting with September 2006 and all the way until July 2007, Razvan recorded 7 new tracks in an intimate studio in Bucharest. The new EP, all in Romanian and entitled Jocuri Fara Nume (i.e. Games Without Names), was mixed at Bias Studios and mastered at Cue Recording in Virginia, USA. The new release garnered significant attention, which translated into various radio and live appearances.

Razvan finalized his 2nd major solo album - entirely in English and entitled Straw Man - in May 2010. The album is a rough concept on media manipulation and control and introduces a harder, guitar-oriented rock sound. Most of the guitar solos and bass parts were performed by virtuoso David Berry. The album was mixed at Farview Recording and mastered at Massive Mastering in Chicago, USA. Straw Man was noted by several Bucharest-based radio stations such as City FM (the track Backdoor charted in the top 20), as well as online publications such as Muzica Buna. Invited live on the air at the national radio station, Razvan talked about his music to a large audience and performed some of his songs accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Following two live appearances at the club Fabrica, Razvan's band Scarlet Starlet recorded 2 singles and accompanying videos in 2014 (which can be watched here and here). During their travels, they managed to play one of the most iconic venues in Romania, Sala Palatului, to over 1,500 people.

As of July 2015, Razvan completed a total of 9 new tracks for an upcoming solo album.

And so the story continues...