Wine & Cigarettes out today!


Razvan's new EP, Wine & Cigarettes, is out today! It is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or Bandcamp. Don't forget to check out Razvan's official YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button. And speaking of YouTube, here is the official video for the song Call My Name:  

New EP Wine & Cigarettes to be released on Wed, Feb. 3, 2021!


Good news from our camp! Razvan's new EP, entitled "Wine & Cigarettes," will be released on Wednesday, 3 February, 2021. The EP, made up of four songs, will be available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Our audiophile friends will be able to stream or purchase hi-resolution tracks on Bandcamp. This EP will introduce Razvan’s audience to a new sound, as the...

Wine & Cigarettes (Acoustic)


Check out the following acoustic rendition of the song "Wine & Cigarettes," which will be part of an upcoming EP under the same name. While the exact launch date is not yet set, the EP should be widely available in early 2021 on major platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. Stay tuned.  

This Life out today!


Ladies & gentlemen, after 2 years of passionate hard work, my new album, This Life, is finally ready. I'd like to thank Jason Falloon, Martin Hofpower, Adrian Ciuplea, Mihai Eremia, Radu Virsta, Gabriel Balasa, Felix Barca, Blue Bear Sound, Dragos Fotache, Vladimir Gheorghiu Photography and everyone else who has shown support for this project, one way or anot...

This Life interview


"I kinda wish I was this age in the late '60's or early '70's. I think music was less of a commodity back then. If you had it in you, people seemed to appreciate and relate to it more than they do today." That's one of the first things that Razvan Albu, an independent musician from Bucharest, Romania, told us as we sat down for a coffee and short interview in Miami Beach, Florida. Razvan is curre...

New album launch!


On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Razvan will launch the first single off the brand new album "This Life," entitled "Hey Sally." This is a rock 'n' roll track inspired by the Rolling Stones that makes for a great album opener. "This Life" took approximately 2 years to complete and is by far Razvan's most ambitious record. It involves great musicians such as Jason Falloon on guitar and Steve Ferrone on drums. T...

Razvan live on the air!


On October 9, tune in to Radio Romania after midnight (Friday through Saturday) to hear Razvan talk about his new album and perform a few songs live on the air. We're aiming for an intimate set built around vocals, piano and guitar. Just so you know, piano duties will be covered by our friend Razvan Puscasu, member of the band Steelborn. We'll also be responsible for much of the show's playlist whic...

New song, 'This life'


In anticipation of Razvan's new album, we're really excited to present a potential title track, called 'This life'. The audio to the song has been uploaded on our official YouTube channel, but you can also check in out below. Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube, comment, share and help us create some buzz around the Internet. Your continuous support is greatly appreciated!  

Album update!


We are proud to announce that Razvan's new album is scheduled for a fall 2015 release, with 9 out of 10 tracks finalized - beautifully mixed by Bruce Valeriani at Blue Bear Sound studios and mastered by Grammy Award winner Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters.  With a stellar backing band including drummer Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Duran Duran) and guitarist Jason Falloon (Roger Taylor) amo...

New album in the making


It's been almost too long since our last update. The good news is that awesome things happened in the meantime! As the title suggests, Razvan is working on new material, with 2 tracks already recorded, mixed and mastered for an upcoming album. The band is absolutely stellar, with Jason Falloon (who previously recorded and toured with Queen's Roger Taylor) handling lead guitar, alongside bass virtuoso Rad...

Stonebox rocks out Fabrica


Big thanks to those who came out to support Stonebox last Thursday, we truly had a blast! The band's next show takes place at Fabrica Club on November 10 (Saturday) at 9 pm, alongside Luna Amara. Check out the new line-up on a freshly-written tune called Anywhere:   And here is Stonebox's rendition of a NIN classic:  

Razvan joins Stonebox


We're proud to announce that Razvan recently became the lead singer of the band Stonebox! The new Stonebox line-up will take stage for the first time at Fabrica Club on 1 November 2012 (Thursday) at 9 pm. The band will play alongside FusionCore, a Brasov-based nu-jazz outfit. Stonebox fans will get their chance to hear some band classics, but also new material w...



Check out Razvan's latest single, Nameless, featuring Jason Falloon on electric guitars and Radu Virsta on bass. The mixing was done by Jay Walsh at Farview Recording and the mastering by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters. Lyrics also available here:  

Twin Picks @ Big Mamou / 05.11.2011


Twin Picks aka Razvan Albu (vocals & rhythm guitar) and Cristi Donos (lead guitar), returns to Big Mamou (Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 2B) on 05.11.2011 around 9:30 pm with a few new surprises. Bring your friends, mother, father, brothers, sisters, boyfriend or girlfriend and grab a beer with us!  

Twin Picks debut


Twin Picks, the acoustic collaboration between Razvan Albu (vocals & rhythm guitar) and Cristi Donos (lead guitar), makes its debut at Big Mamou (Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 2B) on 01.10.2011 at 10 pm. All are welcome to attend!  

Twin Picks acoustic project!


We are excited to announce that Razvan has become the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the Bucharest-based acoustic duo Twin Picks. The collaboration started in September 2011 following a rehearsal with up-and-coming guitarist Cristi Donos who built quite a reputation as the lead axe-wielder of the bands Old News and Blacklight. The plan is to focus on both cover...

Straw Man hits iTunes store and


For your convenience, Straw Man is finally available on iTunes store and! This is it folks, we've worked hard and made it happen, so that you may get your own copy for only $8.91! To buy the album on iTunes, click here; to get it on, click here.  

Straw Man available via digital download


Razvan's new album, Straw Man, is available via digital download here. It will soon hit all major online media stores (i.e. iTunes Store, Amazon, Napster, etc.). We've decided to post free track samples on the website, in order to offer you a glimpse of this terrific record. These samples may be downloaded from the dedicated album page, accessible by clicking the "Latest album" link above, or by navigat...

Straw Man reviewed by


The website published a short article on Razvan's latest album, Straw Man. According to the article the record may seem dense upon its first listen, however in time it rewards the listener with some terrific music; as such, the album targets an audience "with high musical ambitions". The full review may be read here.  

Razvan at Radio Romania


For those of you who missed Razvan's appearence at Radio Romania on 3 July 2010, you may find the entire recorded show here - including several tracks from the new album and 2 live performances, courtesy of radio host Andrei Partos.  Below is an English translation of the synopsis published on the radio website: "On 29 December 2007 Razvan Albu joined us in the studi...

Radio appearence on 2-3 July


Tune in to Radio Romania Actualitati (FM 105.3 or this Friday through Saturday (2-3 July) at midnight to hear Razvan talk about his new record Straw Man, listen to tracks from the new album and experience a live, unplugged rendition of the song Just Take It Slow.  It will all take place during Andrei Partos' famous radio broadcast. Ten lucky listener...

Straw Man out today!


The new album from Razvan Albu, Straw Man, is out today! For more info, click the "Latest album" link above, or the dedicated album page under the music section. If you'd like a copy of the album, send us a quick note from the contact page and we'll get back to you. Soon enough we're hoping to post details on the official album launch party, so stay tuned! Razvan would like to thank: Davi...

Straw Man cover art unveiled!


With little time left before the album Straw Man sees the light of day, I am proud to unveil the front page to the CD booklet. The photo and post-editing were done by my friend Dragod Fotache whom - I think - did a really good job. Of course, the booklet itself will contain more artwork that goes hand in hand with the music. Enjoy!  

New and improved website!


Dear friends and fans: I am proud to introduce the new and improved The new design took quite a bit of time to complete, but I'm satisfied with the results. My new album Straw Man is practically finalized as well - we're still working on the graphics, but the music is done and done! Most recently I have begun a collaboration with a handful of talented musicians; we'...

Interview at Europa FM


In a recent interview for Europa FM, Razvan goes in-depth and talks about his background, influences, and upcoming album Straw Man. Don't miss your opportunity to get up close and personal with the artist! The entire article is available here.  

A few words to my fans


I recently realized that my new album, called Straw Man and running 9 songs and ~32 minutes, took more than 8 months to record, mix and master. When that sunk in, I started listening to the little details in my new songs to try and figure out if it was really worth this time and effort. The conclusion was that to me, it was worth it. Straw Man is a wide concept album on media control and manipulation. It's heavi...