Razvan at Radio Romania


For those of you who missed Razvan's appearence at Radio Romania on 3 July 2010, you may find the entire recorded show here - including several tracks from the new album and 2 live performances, courtesy of radio host Andrei Partos. 

Below is an English translation of the synopsis published on the radio website:

"On 29 December 2007 Razvan Albu joined us in the studio for the first time, promoting his album Jocuri Fara Nume (tra. Games Without Names). In the meantime he gained additional experience, studied, became more mature and now he's back with us.

Razvan (born 24.08.1982) proved that passion for music can help overcome obstacles. He lived in the U.S. for a while, then moved to Canada. You'll find out what exquisite musical tastes he has. It's been a month since he released a new self-produced record called Straw Man and mixed by Jay Walsh. David Berry makes appearences on lead guitar and bass. Razvan put together a band and plans to make live appearences as soon as they're all ready.

At Radio Romania he performed without hesitation and responded to listeners' questions and comments (which were surprisingly numerous). He gave away free copies of his new album to listeners who won various contests."