Razvan live on the air!


On October 9, tune in to Radio Romania after midnight (Friday through Saturday) to hear Razvan talk about his new album and perform a few songs live on the air. We're aiming for an intimate set built around vocals, piano and guitar. Just so you know, piano duties will be covered by our friend Razvan Puscasu, member of the band Steelborn.

We'll also be responsible for much of the show's playlist which will include some of Razvan's favorite songs at the moment, as well as original tracks from the upcoming album. 

Not sure what radio frequency to tune in to? We got you covered, just click here and browse by location. Living abroad? That's fine, the show can be streamed online (click here, then select "Asculta Live" from the top right hand corner). The current time zone for Bucharest is GMT+2. 

A big thanks to Andrei Partos (the host of the show) for promoting quality independent music!